Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Six Weeks and Counting... Down

July 11th seemed a long way off when we opened our mission call in March, but it won't be long now before we enter the MTC (Missionary Training Center) in Provo. It's something we've looked forward to for years and we're really excited to get going, but it's not as simple as we had imagined!

Our "To Do" lists seem to be getting longer instead of shorter, time spent with family is becoming more and more precious, and at least one of us (Pat) is admitting to a little anxiety about this new adventure.

We know we'll be serving a one-year CES (Church Education System) mission and that we'll be the only CES missionaries in the Washington D.C. South Mission. We know we'll be living in a two-bedroom townhouse in Centreville (spelled the British way), just outside the Washington Beltway. We know we'll be teaching four or five Institute classes in and around Washington D.C. We also know the median age of Institute students in the area is 27 and that they are mostly students, government interns, and young professionals. We don't yet know what subjects we'll be teaching, but we do know that we're in for a challenge.

We'll keep you posted.... ~Pat~


  1. Woo hoo!! Nice blog, Moom. See if you can get Dad to post once in a while too. Excited to share in this new adventure via cyber space! -Kristen

  2. Looks good Mom. You did it. And I really love the list of blogs on the right. Now I can keep up with everyone all in one place.
    Love you.