Monday, September 17, 2012

Bring Your Umbrella!

I had to come to London to learn the true meaning of the letters "BYU."  As I recently welcomed a young man in from the rain to the Visitors' Centre, wearing a drenched BYU T-shirt, it suddenly occurred to me -- BYU in England means Bring Your Umbrella.  It has rained a lot here, despite what the Flandros might tell you about the beautiful weather they enjoyed while they visited us.  It's getting cool, though, and I can tell fall is in the air. Speaking of fall, that means BYU football has arrived again.  Exciting! When is the last time you watched a BYU football game at 3 in the morning? 

Anyway, the British will tell you that you should always bring an umbrella.  If it is not raining, wait five minutes or drive five miles away and it will rain.  Or if it is raining, wait five minutes or drive five miles away, and the sun will shine.  Umbrellas are everywhere, and they are very needed.  Don't leave home without one.

Parents are like umbrellas.  They protect children from life's "rainy days."  They want what is best for their children. Once you become a parent, you are always a parent.  You always care about the safety and welfare of your children and your grandchildren, and their well being and happiness.  I think they call this love.

Families are also like umbrellas. Good families love each other, care for each other, and protect each other.  We have loved seeing our daughters and their families help each other, support each other, and care about each other while we have been gone.  We are glad that they continue to have Sunday dinners at our house once a month, without us, to celebrate family birthdays for the month.  It is so much fun to Skype them and sing "Happy Birthday" with them when they get together.

Elderly people in England also apparently need care and protection.  At least that's what the sign says.        ~Don~


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