Thursday, February 28, 2013


While we were in the MTC in Provo last year being trained to direct the Visitors' Centre, we were challenged to "bring the London Temple Visitors' Centre out of obscurity." We didn't know then what they were talking about, but when we arrived and discovered its history and location, we found out what they meant.

A few months ago a regional community magazine, UNCOVERED, caught our attention. When we learned that this magazine is distributed to 102,000 households, businesses, libraries, pubs and train stations in cities and towns surrounding the London Temple, we decided to be bold, prepare an article, and allocate some of our budget into advertising so we could have the Temple featured on the cover. We wrote an article inviting people to the Visitors' Centre, but we also wanted to give readers some insight into the history and basic teachings of the Church.  This was the result:

Yesterday, the magazine arrived.  We hope it helps "uncover" a local gem - the London Temple Visitors' Centre!                      ~ Don ~    


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  1. You are so outstanding in what you do. What an example. I love you.