Monday, September 30, 2013


These are our beautiful sister missionaries. Three of them arrived just a few weeks ago, but they have come so prepared and so ready to serve that it seems like they have been here a lot longer than that. The six week transfer cycles fly by so fast! 

Back row: Sisters Jacob (new), Walmsley and Maddocks (new)
Front row:  Sisters Stewart, Ylisaari and McLaws (new)

A couple of Mondays ago, we had a PDay activity together.  We only get to do that every once in awhile, but it is so much fun.  This time we took six sisters to meet "Seven Sisters"....   All six of our sister missionaries and Elder and Sister Horsley traveled with us to Seven Sisters, a beautiful location about an hour south of us on the coast near Brighton. We were sorry not to have the Terrys with us. Elder Terry is still recovering from a nasty bout with a kidney stone.

We met at the VC at noon, then drove south for about an hour to a place
on the English Channel between Brighton and Eastbourne.

Sister Phermsin (past VC sister missionary) and her companion
joined us at the trailhead.

The beautiful English countryside.

We met some friends along the way.

Which way did they go?
The Seven Sisters look a lot like the White Cliffs of Dover.

Some of the elders in our zone joined us for the hike, too.

The English Channel

Elder Carpenter and our sisters

The perfect end to a perfect day....

As if they didn't have enough to occupy their time already, Sister Walmsley and Sister McLaws have taken up writing parodies on their PDays.  We think they're pretty clever! 

You may have to copy and paste the links below. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't, but they're worth watching :)

Sister Walmsley and Sister McLaws:

Sisters Walmsley, Jacob and McLaws:

Well, our temple has now been closed for four weeks. That's halfway through the projected closure for renovations. The Visitors' Centre is remaining open for regular hours while the temple is closed. And though we love the peace and tranquility on the temple grounds right now, we'd love to see MORE VISITORS! Meanwhile, though, our sister missionaries are keeping busy teaching online, and you can see that when things get slow they come up with some pretty creative ways to get the message out. We love our sister missionaries!                     ~Pat~

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