Monday, July 11, 2011

7-11-11 -- Our Lucky Day!

WHAT AN EXPERIENCE this morning to walk through the doors of the Missionary Training Center for the first time and realize that our long awaited dream is finally reality! It was a moment we'll never forget.

After a wonderful weekend spent with our kids, grandkids, and so many dear family members and friends, the car trip to Provo was a little unsettling as the enormity of this life-changing experience settled on us. As soon as we arrived, though, there was a very kind man waiting to greet us and show us where to go. We got our official missionary name tags, some paperwork and basic instructions, then went to lunch with several hundred young elders and sisters in the MTC cafeteria.

At 1 p.m., our group of 62 senior missionaries met with the MTC Mission presidency. We introduced ourselves to each other; there are missionaries in our group going to Singapore, Indonesia, Poland, Ghana, Kenya, Scandanavia, Canada, Hungary, Germany, Florida, New Jersey, California, and Michigan. Wow! Many of them are on their second or third missions and enthusiastically looking forward to this new experience. Amazing people anxious to serve others.

By 3:30 we were done for the day and heading back to Draper. (O.K. - we stopped at the BYU Creamery for some ice cream....) Most of the senior missionaries are being housed at the MTC or the Provo Marriott for the week. We'll drive back and report in by 8 a.m. tomorrow morning to begin four full days of classes with the rest of the group. So far so good!! ~Pat~


  1. Mom,
    I felt that "dull ache in my heart" that you described on June 6th today as you left. Even though this is what we raised you to do. :)
    Matthew says it is a possibility that we will grow up to be as good as parents as you.
    Love you.

  2. missionaries typically point where they're going on that map. :P guess you'll have to go back and do it again.