Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Set Apart

A week ago, on Sunday, July 10th, before we entered the MTC, we gathered with our family in the Corner Canyon Stake offices and President Lane Wright, from the Stake Presidency, set us apart for the responsibility we have undertaken to be full-time missionaries. President Wright counseled us that we were being set apart from our current life activities to serve the Lord. He conferred the authority of the calling individually on our heads, then blessed us with promises that will help us to do the work we have committed to do. It was a sweet, comforting experience.

This week, as we begin week #2 in the MTC, we are very grateful for the added help we received through Priesthood authority when we were set apart -- particularly the guidance of the Holy Ghost. We have needed ability beyond our own. There's been a lot to learn.

When we excitedly entered the MTC last week, we had no idea what to expect! We have been surprised at how much we didn't know. We have been impressed with our instructors - young returned missionaries who are bright, capable, responsible, caring young men and women - and their ability to teach us. We have struggled to learn how to teach to the needs of our students. We have gained an understanding that we must teach people, not lessons. We have marveled that we have learned to work together in new ways -- something we thought we had already learned living together all these years and raising a family. We are grateful to have the health and ability and means to devote this time to serving others. We are exhausted, invigorated, anxious, excited, empowered, and humbled by this amazing experience.

Yes, we have been set apart. Set apart to do much more than we imagined - already! ~Pat~

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