Sunday, October 30, 2011

I've Gotta Get To Institute!

Let me tell you about one of our students. He's a 21-year-old pet store employee who joined the Church about a year ago. He is enthusiastic, energized, very organized, and totally involved in the gospel. It has changed his life. He's the class president in our Annandale class, and when he emailed students with an Institute reminder last week, he attached this fun YouTube message. Check it out!

While attendance at Institute has many bonuses, we've found that meeting new people, great food, and good instructors are not the only reasons students come.  These things make a difference, but it's really all about faith and testimony. Those who persist in coming are there because they honestly believe that this is Christ's ancient church, reestablished in our day. They know why they are there. They've asked hard questions and are finding the answers they need in the scriptures and in the counsel of living prophets. They take their covenants seriously and believe their bonds with the Savior can last through eternity.

Those who read, study and participate continue to come to Institute
because they have tasted the fruits of the gospel, find hope and comfort
in its truths, and enjoy being with others who live its teachings. When the
restored gospel of Jesus Christ finds place in their minds and in their hearts, they grow in confidence and purpose.

We love to be with them and to see this process take place. We learn alot from them. We are buoyed up by their enthusiasm, their insights, and their faith in the future. That's why we're glad that once again this week...
we've gotta get to Institute!      ~Don~


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