Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Still Holdin' On

It's hard to believe how fast our time in the Washington D.C. South Mission is passing. Our heads and hearts already have scrapbooks full of memories stored -- and there is more to come. It's been an unbelievable blessing and opportunity.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so we thought it was time for a walk through our mission in photos. Looking back now, it's easy to see how we've
  •  fallen in love with all the students we teach.
  •  gained deeper testimonies and greater love for Jesus Christ and his gospel.
  •  mastered D.C. traffic and freeways (well, almost), even during rush hour.
  •  had some terrific opportunities to visit historic sights on our free day each week.
  •  gained new respect and learned a lot about our country's history and government.
  •  enjoyed every minute of our visits with friends and family.
As you check out the photos, you can see that one thing has remained constant through our time here - we're still holdin' on -- to each other.                                                       ~Pat~

On our way...
to the MTC
Our Cookie Factory -
I think I've made over 1500 cookies
since we've been here. Phew!
13949 Big Yankee Lane -
Home Sweet Townhome

The Mount Vernon meetinghouse - Amy & Colin's ward
on original Mt. Vernon property. What a view of the Potomac!

The Slades' moving day
Chillin' in our family room

Our first visit to the Washington, D.C. Temple -
before the tips of the spires broke off in the earthquake.

On our day off each week we usually head to the National Mall.

First stop:  the Lincoln Memorial

To infinity and beyond - heading into the new Udvar-Hazy
Smithsonian Air and Space Museum near Dulles.

Checking out the space shuttle Enterprise

Senior Missionary Couple dinner at President and
Sister Albright's home (Pres. Albright second from left)

Centreville Stake Center - 5 minutes from our townhouse.
Our Thursday night Institute class in Centreville - missionaries included!

The Annandale Stake Center - home to our Wednesday night Institute class.
Annandale Institute class

The new Crystal City YSA meetinghouse
Our Thursday noon Institute class in Crystal City.

Institute Display at George Mason University
George Mason University

GMU Institute class on Wednesdays at noon.

GMU Student Union Building where we meet.

The beautiful Washington, D.C. temple - again.

The Christus statue in the Temple Visitor's Center

From the balcony of the Newseum - what a fascinating museum.
You could wander around there for days.
Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts 
Baltimore National Aquarium
Friend or foe?
Fallen heroes

Arlington National Cemetery

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Our fast-paced weekend with Iain and Jenn - can you see the blisters?

A temporary exhibit in the Museum of Natural History...

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Susi, Paul and Gertrud Carpenter

Amy's first day of  grad school at GMU
The Air Force One hanger at Andrews Air Force Base
We took a driving tour of Andrews AFB. Thanks, Colin!
We got to spend a day with Kristen and her kids on the Mall.

Josh and Emily came to town for the weekend to dance with BYU.
Brunch at our house :)
Mr. Lincoln at his post.
The World War II  Memorial

The Viet Nam Memorial

The Korean Memorial

Emily and Josh had a couple of free hours to tour the Capitol


We got to introduce Janet and Kim's family to Mt. Vernon

What a beautiful place.
President Washington's tomb

A 2-year-old rolled down the lawn at Mt. Vernon
and did a face plant right in front of us.

Best friends Pam and Mike Hannan came for a weekend.
Retired Delta pilots get around.

The new Martin Luther King memorial was dedicated
just a few weeks ago.

George had a little help crossing the Delaware

Shenandoah State Park -
a beautiful drive in the fall
Manassas Civil War Battlefield -
10 minutes from our home

Manassas Battlefield

A trip to the temple with dear friends Shawnda  &  Duane Bishop

Brother Devin Toma - our fantastic CES Supervisor - with the Bishops

A few last looks at our comfortable home away from home

Ridin' the Metro. One of our favorite things to do!
Something we're definitely not going to miss --  D.C. traffic at a standstill!
They say it's the worst traffic in the entire nation. Who knows how many hours
of the time we've served  here during the past four months has been spend in TRAFFIC!  :)

It doesn't matter. Virginia is still an
incredibly beautiful place to be!


  1. so sad to miss the last half of it.

  2. Man. This makes me wish I could have been there the whole 4 months. Hurry home.