Monday, May 14, 2012

An Afternoon In London

We had to take a trip into the heart of London last week to see a dermatologist. Despite the doctor's visit, it was a rare treat. We don't often get away for an afternoon -- especially in the middle of the week.

Taking the train into Victoria Station

The rain had stopped for a few hours and even the sheep were happy for a respite.

The countryside in southern England

We arrived early for the appointment, so we decided to hop on the tube and check out the Church's new Hyde Park Visitors' Centre that will be opening next week.

Taking the tube

Near South Kensington

O.K., so we're not the only ones who are confused
when it comes to crossing streets...

Evidently everybody needs a little help.

The Victoria and Albert Museum on Exhibition Row.
You can see the Hyde Park Chapel two doors down.

The newly renovated Hyde Park Chapel and Visitors' Centre.

Even though the building isn't open to the public yet, when the Security Guard saw who we were, he was nice enough to let us in for a look around in the Visitors' Centre. What a beautiful building! It'll be open in time for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, but it will stay open permanently.

The Christus Statue
will be visible from the street.

The five story building will house
the Hyde Park Stake Centre,
the Visitors' Centre, the Mission
Offices, and a YSA Centre.

The posh street where we found the dermatologist.

The door to the doctor's office. Nice place!
Luckily, the doctor was as nice as the location.

Spring in London.

Who needs a cell phone?

While we love to spend time exploring London when we get the chance, it's always nice to leave the frantic pace and throngs of people and head back to the peace and beauty of our own neck of the woods.   ~Pat~

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