Monday, May 28, 2012

Senior Missionaries On The Loose

Last week we got to participate in a Senior Training Activity for the mission on Thursday, May 24th. So much fun! All the senior missionaries gathered from the four corners of the mission (as far away as Cornwall) and took the train into London for the day. We had plenty of time to talk and compare experiences.

Lingfield Train Station

All Aboard

Sister missionaries' day off!
When we arrived at Victoria Station in the heart of London, we transferred to the Circle Line on the Tube and traveled to the South Kensington stop. From there it was a short walk to the newly opened Hyde Park Visitors' Centre.

 With Pam and Arthur Brooks, directors of the  Hyde Park Chapel Visitors' Centre   
Training meeting at the Hyde Park chapel

ELSM President Lyle Shamo with counselor, Julian Jones
Great leaders!

Outside the Victoria and Albert Museum, next to the Hyde Park Chapel

Don at the World War II memorial wall

One yummy place to eat. Got to go back there again sometime!

Hungry missionaries
After dinner, we rode the Tube to the Hampstead Theatre to see the musical version of Chariots of Fire. I had forgotten what an inspiring story it is. The cast included LDS actress Savannah Stevenson. We loved the play!

On Sunday, President and Sister Shamo came to the Visitors' Centre as our guest speakers for our England London South Mission fireside. Their presentation was fabulous. Their combination of personal experiences,  video clips of early Church presidents, and stirring testimonies touched us all.

President Shamo on Sunday, May 27th at the Visitors' Centre

Visitors' Centre fireside

Sister Tracy Shamo

A perfect end to a wonderful weekend.        ~Pat~                                 

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