Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I Knew It Was Gonna Happen...

Caught in the act

Don came home tonight when the Visitors' Centre closed at 9 p.m. and said, "I'm hungry." Next thing I knew, he was rummaging around in the little closet where we keep our abbreviated food storage program and came out with a can of pork and beans. That's not so unusual, but what he did next was....  He poured it over a leftover baked potato and threw it in the microwave for a minute or two.  Pork and beans over a baked potato!  They call that a "jacket potato" here. They can be topped with lots of different things, but pork and beans and coleslaw are probably the most popular. When we first got here, Don kind of turned up his nose at such a combination, but it's happened -- we're quite at home here now and the jacket potato with baked beans cinched the deal. We're beginning to think like Brits!

One thing hasn't changed. We still think in dollars, even though we spend in pounds.  I guess that's because even though our outgo is in pounds, our income is in dollars. The bottom line is what's in our bank account at home.

Aside from the money, a lot of things that seemed so strange when we got here seem perfectly normal and even preferable now. I look for "biscuits" at the grocery store when I want a package of cookies. We put the "rubbish" in a "bin." Lately, it seems strange to say "GPS" when we're referring to our "SatNav." We're so comfortable driving on the left that it will be hard to change back to the right side of the road when we go home.  It took a good nine months to stop getting into the left side of the car to drive it. Now I think I'll have a hard time not getting into the right side of the car when I want to drive. Hmmmmmm....

What's next?                                                             ~Pat~

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  1. i thought the same thing when i came home from Tonga, but it turned out to be a much easier adjustment than i expected. though you may adopt some British qualities, you'll always be an American at heart. :)

    however, i still think you should try to pick up the accent. :)