Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What Do You Love?

We had a little time to walk in Regents Park in London last weekend and happened upon the most beautiful Spring vistas and tulip gardens.

As we walked through the park, I found myself filled with gratitude for simple things. There are so many beautiful little blessings to see in this world of ours if we just slow down and take notice. What are you most grateful for? What fills you with feelings of love and appreciation? Here are a few of the things I love most about our experience in England.

Narrow, winding roads through the countryside
Sunny days
Tree tunnels
Thatched roof cottages
Serving 24/7 in a shared purpose with my eternal companion
Family - even more cherished than ever before
Dear friends - near and far
Lemon curd (food for the gods)
Swans on lakes
Flowering trees
Green space - a national treasure
A profound understanding that we have a Savior who loves us and
      died that we could live again
The restored gospel of Jesus Christ
The London Temple in all it's glory, especially at nightfall when the
      lights are coming on and the sky is a brilliant azure blue.
Planes flying overhead (weird, but true)
Saturdays when the parking lots are filled with coaches (buses) and cars
Night birds - their beautiful songs after sundown 
Red double-decker coaches
The joy of service
The peace of the temple grounds, it's paths, and it's reflecting pond
Our dear London Temple presidency and temple workers
Church employees who keep everything running smoothly - security, engineers, gardeners, accommodations
The Mission Office missionaries - every one of them
Our wonderful sister missionaries and senior couples
Ducks and ducklings
Rainbows over the temple after rainstorms
British humor
The hustle-bustle fun of London
British history and royalty
Window flower boxes
Castles and manors
My hard-earned drivers' license
Converts - people who we've watched transform and find peace and purpose
Families, ward and stake members picnicking on the temple grounds
Cornish Pasties
Fish and Chips with malt vinegar
Sat Nav (GPS) - couldn't function without it
Meeting people from all walks of life and much of the world


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