Monday, August 26, 2013


What a month August has turned out to be - and it's not over yet! We have been busy, busy, busy at the London Temple Visitors' Centre -- and blessed. We've enjoyed every minute!

In addition to what we've already mentioned in earlier blogs this month, here's what's been going on:

We had two great firesides....

President Martin Lock and his wife, Jan, spoke at our
"Why I Believe" Fireside on August 4th.

Elder Gary and Sister Rosemary Bradford were the guest speakers
at our England London South Mission fireside on August 18th.
On the second Sunday of each month, our sister missionaries teach a Missionary Preparation Training meeting. They always make it exciting and fun!

Sisters Cardona, Ylisaari and Watt teaching
prospective missionaries about good nutrition.

A fun learning activity for prospective missionaries.

Elders Wehrman, Coe and Sparks - our great Mission Office elders.
They do so much to help us!
We also have weekly Visitors' Centre training meetings. 

Meeting in the Visitors' Centre theatre.

During August, we were happy to have Brother Mark Lusvardi, director of all public programs in the Missionary Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints stop by to see us. His responsibility includes all visitors' centers, historic sites, pageants and programs of the Church throughout the world. We are always delighted to meet with him and receive his counsel and direction.

Brother Mark Lusvardi, Don, me, Sister Pam Brooks,
and Elder Arthur Brooks, director of the Hyde Park Visitors' Centre.

All our our Visitors' Centre staff with Brother and Sister Lusvardi.
Brother Lusvardi gathered all of our Visitors' Centre missionaries together for a training session. He talked about the history of the London Temple Visitors' Centre during the past 20 years or so. Although there were some displays and a place to congregate in this building for many years, the official Visitors' Centre, as we now know it, has only been open since 2008, and the first director was not appointed until we were called and arrived in January 2012. Now this Visitors' Centre has taken it's place among the 16 official visitors' centers in the Church. There are plans to add several new centers throughout the world in the next few years.

Brother Lusvardi talked about the re-awakening of missionary work that is taking place in the British Isles at the current time as part of the "Hastening of the Work of Salvation" (Mission Presidents Seminar, June 2013). He talked about what a remarkable time it is to be here on a mission - a sentiment that we echo! Our missionaries are now teaching people throughout the world who are searching for truth and for a better, happier way of life. They are finding the Church in ever increasing numbers through online programs like,, Facebook, Skype and blogs. He taught us the importance of living worthily as well as being prepared and spiritually in tune to receive the help of the Holy Ghost in all our teaching.

The day after Brother Lusvardi's visit, we welcomed Elder David F. Evans, who is a Seventy and Executive Director of the Missionary Department for the Church. He was the one who set us apart for this mission and gave both of us beautiful blessings when we entered the MTC the second time, in January 2012. It was wonderful to see him again and show him and his wife around our visitors' centre.

All our Visitors' Centre missionaries with Pres. and Sister Millar and Elder and Sister Evans.

President and Sister Millar, Elder and Sister Evans, and us.

August 2013

 It's been a good month on the grounds of the London Temple. And to add to our enthusiasm, the weather has continued to be fabulous!  Even the British are talking about what an amazing summer this has been. Everywhere you look, it is beautiful. We're so glad we've been here to enjoy it!                          ~Pat~

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