Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Nothing is as certain as change, and that is always true at Visitors' Centers in the Church. Sister missionaries are always on the go, transferring in and transferring out according to the needs of the mission and the mission president. Two of the wonderful sister missionaries whom we have worked with since we arrived - and have come to love - are going home later this week. We have also received another delightful new sister missionary this week from Finland. Sister Phermsin (pronounced pear-m-sen) is originally from Thailand, but has lived in Finland since she was 5 years old. She joined the Church two years ago. Both of our Finnish missionaries, Sister Ylisaari and Sister Phermsin, speak excellent English. It is required curriculum in Finnish schools. We are amazed and grateful. We appreciate all that our sister missionaries do. They are dedicated, gracious young women with a strong conviction of the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ to change lives.

Sister Maughan, Sister Phermsin, Sister Reneer, Sister Cardona, Sister Ylisaari
Our current complement of sister missionaries.

When we were in the MTC last January, the Missionary Department told us that because of costs and distances, we would not likely be receiving any of the "traveling" exhibits available to U.S. Visitors' Centers. We noticed, however, that while our Visitors' Centre is relatively small, we do have two large empty walls in our theatre that could be used for displays.  So with permission from the Missionary Department, we selected a number of statements from mormonnewsroom.org that clarify teachings of the Church for the news media. We had a local printer prepare these statements with a wood grain background to match the  trim and other Centre exhibits, and then we added pictures and mounted them on the walls.   Our missionaries will be able to use these statements to teach gospel principles with more understanding and depth. The overall theme of the exhibit is We Follow Christ, with separate panels on The Godhead, The Restoration, The Scriptures, and Temples, Marriage, and Women.  The statements we used cannot be read well from this blog, but hopefully you can get the gist of it from these photos.    ~Don

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