Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spreading The Word

Performances of The Book of Mormon Musical started last week at a West End theatre in London, and next week the Church will start an I Am A Mormon media blitz with prominent signs on billboards, in train stations, on double-decker buses, and in the Underground subway.  Much like successful Church advertising campaigns in New York, Chicago, and LA where the musical has been running, ads have also been placed in the London theatre playbook featuring local people who have read the Book of Mormon.  The ads explain how the Book of Mormon has changed their lives and brought them closer to Christ.  It's a pretty savvy response on the part of the Church.  Can you imagine the outrage if a musical satire were performed about the major religious book of another prominent religion?  Many curious people can see through the satire and are now asking serious questions about the book and the Church.  They are referred to, where ordinary members of the Church living in the U.K. explain why they are Mormon and what their faith means to them.

A response to the musical from the London Temple Visitors' Centre was published this week in RH Uncovered magazine. The ad below has been distributed to about 102,000 households in towns and cities surrounding the London Temple. We're about an hour away from the London theatre district.  We hope that people in our area will also find new interest in the Book of Mormon and the Church and come to the Visitors' Centre for further information.

In a related activity, we have also placed ads on 15 large public maps being erected in strategic high pedestrian locations in East Grinstead, Forrest Row, and Lingfield.  They provide directions to the Visitors' Centre and invite people to come and learn about the Church.    

We are excited for these new opportunities to invite people to the Visitors' Centre.  Here, on the beautiful grounds of the London Temple, they can meet our missionaries, ask questions about the Church, and learn truths of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.        ~Don~          

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